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Remodeling and Home Design

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Family Owned and Operated

Serving the Lehigh Valley's Renovations Needs Since 1989


A family owned and operated business since 1989, S&D Renovations has always taken pride in making our clients' visions reality. Our clients receive the finest personalized service throughout the entire renovation process from the initial stages of design through the completion of the construction process. With S&D Renovations, our customers are not just numbers. From the beginning, we establish working lines of communication between our team members and the customer. This includes our personal cell phone numbers to use after hours so we can address any concerns immediately.  It is our goal to make sure our customers are always comfortable and up to date with each stage of their project.

Offering a Full Range of Services

S&D Renovations’ vast experience in all facets of home renovations makes us the perfect choice when selecting a builder for any project in your home. Whether you are looking to completely renovate your existing house, finish your basement, renovate an old bathroom or kitchen, add on a sunroom or in-law suite, or make a special enhancement to an existing room or even outside area or deck, S&D Renovations is your perfect choice. We take pride in all levels of our work and understand that each and every improvement to your home is an important investment.

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Home Additions, Whole House Renovations, Kitchens, Baths, Sunrooms, Basements, In-Law Suties, Handicap Accessible Renovations, Aging in Place Specialties, Outdoor Rooms and Decks, Porches, Custom Carpentry Work or any other home renovations needs


A Design/Build Company

One Point of Contact from the Initial Design through the Building Process

We carefully blend the skill and knowledge of our experienced team of designers and carpenters along with the Lehigh Valley's finest companies in their specialized trades in order to provide the highest quality result. This professional approach includes our understanding of the contractor / client partnership and the importance of respect, honesty, integrity, reliability, attention to detail, and clear communication throughout the project.

More on our Design/Build Approach

An Experienced Team of Craftsmen

Professional Staff Directly Employed by S&D Renovations
Our own team of experienced project managers and carpenters consists of true craftsmen who take pride in their work and strive to provide a pleasant atmosphere during what can often be a very difficult disruption in homeowners' lives. By using lead carpenters employed only by S&D Renovations instead of subcontractors, our customers see the same people on the job day in and day out and do not have to fear who might be entering their homes.

Meet the Team

Specialized Expertise in Home Remodeling

Why Choose a Remodeler over a builder?

This is an important distinction when considering your home renovation project. S&D Renovations is not a home builder turned remodeler because of the present economy or business trends. We do not subcontract all phases of your project, nor do we bid out any phase of your project simply to the lowest bidder. Instead, we team up with specialists in various trades who, in most cases, we have used for years and who have earned our respect based on their reliability, professionalism and trustworthiness. Having been exclusively in the business of remodeling since 1989, S&D Renovations is used to the difficulties faced during a remodeling project and every member of our design / build team is experienced in making sure the end product blends well with the existing house. Building onto an existing structure presents numerous challenges that are relatively unfamiliar to builders used to starting a project from scratch. Not only is this important to the success of and timing of the job, but it is important when considering the home's increase in value after a renovation project.

Excellent Reputation for Top Quality Work

20-Time Winner of the Prestigious Awards for Professional Excellence

S&D Renovations has received the Lehigh Valley Builders Association's distinguished "Award for Professional Excellence" twenty times. These awards come from one of the top recognition programs for the building trade profession in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Emphasis on Protecting the Job Site (Your Home)

We understand your concerns for the appearance of your home during the building process. Our employees share these concerns and take pride in their work space. We do everything possible to minimize interference with your living area and your neighborhood during construction.


You took our 30 year dilapidated, old home in need of major repairs and with your expertise in the remodeling business and literally converted it back to new home status. With all new siding, new kitchen and a super great room. The job was completed with the utmost perfection and professionalism. We couldn't wait to show it to our friends.

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