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Kitchens & Baths

Baths: Let S&D update the out of date! We offer complete bath replacement. We can also add new baths to existing basements or bedrooms.

Kitchens: We can customize your kitchen to your needs and tastes! We offer complete professional design and installation of new kitchens. We can also modify walls and floors of an existing kitchen for a new design.

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Let S&D add on or add up! We can seamlessly add any new structure onto an existing home to create a brand new living space for kitchens, baths, bedrooms or for entertainment needs. Possibilities are endless when you also consider moving up by adding an additional floor above your current home or garage.

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Whole House Renovations

Let S&D recreate the home of your dreams! We can design and execute any major whole house renovation. This may include a total interior renovation, total exterior renovation, or an addition to your home plus a major interior and exterior renovation. We have done as much as demolishing an entire house and rebuilding a new house on the existing foundation.

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Let S&D bring the outdoors indoors! We can add a new sunroom onto your home that captures the natural daylight and provides a feeling of being in the great outdoors all year round.

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Let S&D create extra space for work, rest, play and entertainment! We offer complete basement finishing. We can add a new bedroom, bath, office or family room to your existing basement. We can also design and create new entertainment areas, including home theaters.

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